Jul 23rd

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by HelloFresh. I was asked if I would like to receive three meals from them and write a review. I said why of course, I would be glad to! Let me tell you this is the best new concept since sliced bread! To quote HelloFresh, ” This is a new way to cook. Every week, you can choose the delicious recipes you want to try and they will send you all of the ingredients you need to prepare them. They take care of your meal planning and even do the shopping for you. You can prepare the meals within 30 minutes. It’s a revolution in your kitchen.” I was so excited to receive my box of fresh food. The meals included were Fish Tacos, Turkey Taco Salad, and Seared Steak. I was so impressed with the way everything was packaged even along with the shipping box. You can choose between two boxes the Classic or Veggie.  The name of the company really does do the food justice, everything was so Fresh! Every week, you can choose the delicious recipes you want to try. A few years back I worked at a meal preparation place called My Girlfriends kitchen. We would prepare all the ingredients and set them up at seven different stations, people would come in and put their meals together, and take them home for their dinner that night, and for the rest of the week. HelloFresh is a way better idea. HelloFresh is inexpensive, delicious, fresh, and you don’t have to do the grocery shopping or think about what to have for dinner, and they deliver right to your front door!  Let me start with these delectable Fish Tacos. Pete and I had these for lunch our last day in Michigan. The recipe says it will serve two people, but I believe there was enough for three, depending on how big of an eater you are, and believe me, I’m a big eater! Their meals will serve 2, 4, or 6 people. The recipe includes a step by step instruction list, along with what Tools to use, the ingredients, the nutrition value, how to prepare the recipe and the most beautiful photography. The Fish Tacos were out of this world! I was a little leery that there might not be enough seasoning, but boy I was wrong. The ingredients included Fresh Tilapia Fillets, limes, red cabbage, avocado, onion, cilantro, Red Bell Pepper, Flour Tortillas, Sour Cream, and hot sauce. The Fish tasted like it was just caught, and all the vegetables and herbs were so crispy and Fresh. The combination of the Sour Cream and lime juice mixed together to create a sauce for the cabbage was so clean and crisp. The avocado was perfectly ripened, the red pepper was beautiful and the cilantro was exceptional. This recipe was amazing, I would order these again and again. HelloFresh Food is low in calories, and high in Protein, also they design their recipes to contain a low saturated fat content.

Turkey Taco Salad

This meal for Turkey Taco Salad was so healthy, fresh and flavorful! I actually tried something new with this meal, a bag of Guacamole Bites, that are now going to be a staple whenever I prepare a salad. I love the flavor and the crunchiness of these healthy little bites, so much better for you then croutons! This meal contained, Ground Turkey, Onion, Zucchini, Red Bell Pepper, Grape Tomatoes, Romaine Lettuce, Jalapeno, Lemon, Cilantro, Monterrey Jack Cheese, Guacamole Bites and Hot Sauce. This is definitely a meal in itself. The perfect summer dinner or lunch. Light and refreshing. I would order this meal again!

Seared Steak with Sweet Potato Puree & Broccolini

I actually couldn’t believe the prices of these meals, so affordable! This meal included Filet Mignons, and good size ones at that! They were very tender and flavorful. The Sweet Potato with the cinnamon was perfect, along with fresh Broccolini, who would of thought to add Peanuts and Dill to Broccolini, HelloFresh did! It was phenomenal. Their Suppliers are local and some of the finest purveyors in the country. They try to use as few imported, non local ingredients as possible. They design recipes to incorporate seasonal products whenever possible.

Their unique shipping boxes are able to keep your food at the proper temperature, and were designed with the environment in mind. They contain recycled materials wherever possible, and their gel packs are biodegradable!

So to sum it all up, my experience with HelloFresh was Superb! I wish I would of thought of it first! They currently deliver from Maine to Miami, and the west over to Chicago. This is my only complaint, they need to start shipping to the west coast!




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