Black Cherry Martini

Feb 7th

This Black Cherry Martini is so Effen good! Seriously, this is the name of the vodka, Effen Black Cherry. The first time I had something similar to this, was at Ruth Chris Steak House, on Valentines Day about 5 years ago. This year as I said in my last post, we will be celebrating at home. We will be having these cocktails along with our Stone Crabs. I can’t wait! This post is dedicated to my best friend in the world, my husband Pete. He makes everyday seem like Valentines Day. I cannot remember a time since we have been together that he has not told me how beautiful he thinks I am or how much he loves me. He has been there for me through some very tough times in my life. He is my rock! He has the best since of humor of anyone I know. He can take a simple moment in the grocery store and have me dying laughing on the spot! We can sit for hours and talk. We have the utmost respect for each other. I have known this man since I was 16 years old. So if I do my math correctly, that is 38 years I have been lucky enough to know this wonderful Man. I have told our Love story in my post Oatmeal Crisps, if you don’t already know the story on how we met, and what happened in between the 38 years that I have known him, and the 22 years that we have been married, you can read it there. I can’t ever imagine my life without this Man. We actually think the same too, I know you probably think this part is really corny, but we will be sitting on the couch and all of a sudden we say the same thing, or have been thinking of the same thing. I really thought it would be so hard being an empty nest couple, and it was at first, but now I can say our relationship is closer than ever. I don’t have words for how thankful I am to have him in my life and how blessed to know this kind, warm hearted, funny, loving, handsome, Valentine of mine. I don’t need flowers on Valentines day because he has bought me flowers almost every week that we have been together. Thirty days before our wedding in 1990. He would send one rose everyday to where I was working. I love you Peter Barker Evans with all my heart, thanks for always excepting me for the way I am and loving me everyday. You are my Valentine, always have been and always will be! Love, Surfer Girl


For my Dune Boy!

Black Cherry Martini:

1-1/2 parts Effen Black Cherry Vodka

1/2 part Cointreau

1 part Cranberry juice

1/4 part lime or 2 wedges

Fill a martini shaker with ice and all the ingredients, shake and pour into glasses. Garnish with lime peel.


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